I love to teach and I love to learn, pure and simple.  I continue to learn from my students and I hope they continue to learn from me.  I believe my goal as a teacher/instructor/lecturer is to provide hands on knowledge and experience to impart new wisdom and understanding toContinue Reading

In present day, fans are no different than they were in 1915 with the first fan club. Fans enjoy this participatory culture we now call fandom. Fans today have found a place to belong just as they did all those years ago. There is camaraderie and a sense of familyContinue Reading

I’ve given some examples of fandom and what happens when fans go the extra mile only to be exploited in some way, and my last case in point for the research of crowdfunding and fandom is the much-loved PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) series, Reading Rainbow. “Butterflies in the sky, IContinue Reading

Singer/Songwriter Amanda Palmer’s main claim to fame may be her marriage to author Neil Gaiman. But, she was also half of the cult music group The Dresden Dolls. Yet, Palmer is probably most famous, or infamous, to those who know about, and possibly participated in, her Kickstarter campaign. Labeled byContinue Reading

Another interesting aspect of Crowdfunding is that it is a type of “participatory culture.” People have to participate in order for the campaigns to succeed. No campaign can work without the crowd. Why should we discuss participatory culture? Because one must understand how people in a fandom participate within itsContinue Reading