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Crowdfunding, Fandom, and the Future

One of the main goals of my blog is to bring awareness and broaden the knowledge that people may have about Crowdfunding and Fandom. I’ve established how fans are exploited for their labor and why fans give of their time and money, but what of it’s future?  I want to continue by reviewing new crowdfunding […]


Labors of Love and Why Fans Give to Crowdfunding Campaigns

In present day, fans are no different than they were in 1915 with the first fan club. Fans enjoy this participatory culture we now call fandom. Fans today have found a place to belong just as they did all those years ago. There is camaraderie and a sense of family within most fandoms, and they […]


Amanda Palmer: When Good Things go Bad

Singer/Songwriter Amanda Palmer’s main claim to fame may be her marriage to author Neil Gaiman. But, she was also half of the cult music group The Dresden Dolls. Yet, Palmer is probably most famous, or infamous, to those who know about, and possibly participated in, her Kickstarter campaign. Labeled by many as a hypocrite and […]


Crowdsourcing: A Brief History

As I mentioned in the introduction, in 2005 journalist Jeff Howe coined the phrase “crowdsourcing.” Howe, along with his editor from WIRED Magazine, Mark Robinson, realized that businesses were soliciting on the Internet and outsourcing work to different individuals. Howe and Robinson came to the conclusion that those businesses were outsourcing to the crowd online, […]

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