I love to teach and I love to learn, pure and simple. Communication skills are the most important for us, especially in the times we live in now. The digital age, the reliance on technology has helped us, and also hindered us.  I want my students to walk away learning the importance of communicating in both new and old ways.  I learn from my students and I hope they learn from me.  I believe my goal as a teacher/instructor/lecturer is to provide hands on knowledge and experience to impart new wisdom and understanding to the students in my charge.

Obviously I handle class room management, curriculum and lesson plans the best way I know how and hopefully in an entertaining and interesting way. I continually seek guidance from colleagues, my superiors and also from the students themselves. I research as much as I can for new classroom and teaching ideas. I attend seminars, lunch-n-learns, conferences and subscribe to newsletters. I am a member of several forums online asl well and I do all this so I can polish my skills in teaching and directing students.

My goal is to help students succeed and if that’s just to get them to come to class each week or turn in assignments on time then I believe I’ve helped them in that endeavor. However I want to help them with more. I want them to leave my class with knowledge and power to know they can succeed in all aspects of life not just academically.  I provide tools and skills they can take with them into there professional and personal lives. I discuss how to write a resume, how to network and how to present and communicate in a way that will help them with both their future professions and relationship with others.  I want my students to take away a life skill not just pass my class.

Communication has been considered a soft skill and yet it is the skill that is the most valued and respected and when done well the most revered.