In the Spring of 2014 I was chosen by Dr. Betty Weisepape as the Graduate Student-Short Fiction winner for my short story, “The Shoe Thief,” I went on to represent UTDallas and the Arts and Humanities College at the Texas Association of Creative Writing Teachers Competition and won 2nd place for my short story, I subsequently was invited to the association’s conference to share my short story with attendees.


In 2016 a dear friend and author, Remi Roy, asked me to be a contributor to her new publication, I was to write my purpose in life for her “Purpose Anthology” eBook. I was happy to do so.


While in graduate school (2015) I assisted my graduate advisor and professor, Dr. Kim Knight as a researcher for her Fashioning Circuits wearable Media Public Humanities Project. In 2018 her work was published and she graciously acknowledged (in Chapter 26) all those colleagues and  students, including myself, who founded, contributed, researched and participated in the project!


August of 2018 brought me to a movie that came very close to home, “Crazy Rich Asians,” so I had to write about it! Here’s the article I wrote for